PATCHS: Useful patient feedback & FAQs

There has been a hugely positive response to the rolling out of the new online consultation system, PATCHS, and we are incredibly thankful to our patients who have embraced this new technology along with us.

However, we are fully aware that not everyone’s feedback has been positive, and we are fully committed to trying to ensure a good patient experience for as many people as possible. We have read and reviewed every single feedback comment up until this point, and a few themes have emerged which may be helpful to share. Below are a few examples of specific patient feedback with our responses, followed by an FAQ section.

Patient Feedback: “Why is the system only available between 7am and 10am?”

The availability of specifically the “Health Problem” forms in PATCHS is limited to 7am to 10am to ensure we can process these requests safely and efficiently within our limited capacity. This timeframe helps us manage the volume of requests and provide the required care in a safe and timely fashion.

However, please note that all other forms, such as administrative requests and medication queries, are accessible throughout our practice’s opening hours.

Patient Feedback: “The system feels a bit slow and long-winded in answering the questions.”

We understand that some patients find the question-answering process in PATCHS to be a bit extended. Please know that the detailed questions are designed to gather comprehensive information about your health concern, which allows our GPs to provide accurate and tailored advice. Thank you for your understanding, and please rest assured that we are continually working on balancing thoroughness with efficiency.

Patient Feedback: “I was a bit confused about PATCHS via NHS account link.”

We understand that this can be a bit tricky at first. PATCHS is integrated with the NHS login to ensure security and ease of access. Information on how to access PATCHS via the NHS App can be found here.

If you’re finding the linking process unclear, we’d be happy to provide more detailed guidance or assistance. Please feel free to contact our reception, and we can walk you through the process to ensure a smoother experience.

Patient Feedback: “I’m not sure if there is a way of accessing it without going through the NHS app? I think the pages on the NHS app are confusing when trying to reach PATCHS. It took me a while to find the relevant page for contacting the GP.”

While the NHS app is a convenient way to access PATCHS, you can also access it directly through our practice website.

To use PATCHS via the NHS app you should first select the ‘Services’ tab and then select ‘Ask your GP for Medical Advice’.

Patient Feedback: “It should have availability windows for all GPs to simply book on quickly and efficiently.”

We understand that many people would prefer a straightforward booking system with visible availability for all GPs. However, due to levels of capacity within the NHS, implementing such a system would significantly extend waiting times for appointments, potentially leading to a wait of months to see a GP. Our aim is to manage our resources in a way that allows timely access to care for all our patients. We’re continually exploring ways to improve our services within these constraints and appreciate your understanding and feedback in this matter.

Patient Feedback: “I should be able to make a medication reorder request now, when it suits me. It’s crazy that I have to remember to log in during office hours.”

The current system requiring patients to log in to PATCHS during office hours is designed to ensure that requests are processed safely, efficiently and accurately within our working hours.

The existing ways of ordering repeat prescriptions are (e.g. via the NHS app or Patient Access) are still active and are available 24 hours a day. For information here.

Patient Feedback: “I do not understand how to ask for a prescription renewal.”

The process for ordering repeat prescriptions via PATCHS is detailed here.

However, you will first need to link your NHS Online Account to PATCHS, instructions on how to do this are here. Existing ways of ordering repeat prescriptions (via the NHS app, Patient Access or via the chemist) are still active.


Does PATCHS have a mobile app?

PATCHS can be accessed via the NHS App. Instructions for how to do this can be found here.

Can I contact the GP on behalf of someone I care for?

Yes, as long as you’re registered as a carer for the person at our practice. Instructions for how to register as a Carer User on PATCHS can be found here. If needed, the instructions for then using PATCHS on behalf of the person you care for can be found here.

How do I order prescriptions through PATCHS?

The instructions for how to do this can be found here. Please note that you will first need to link your NHS Online Account to PATCHS, instructions on how to do this are here.

How do I view responses from my GP practice in PATCHS?

You’ll receive an email and/or text message notification whenever there’s a response from our practice. Follow the link in the email/text, or log in to PATCHS to view and reply to messages.

What if I encounter difficulties using PATCHS?

For the best experience, use Chrome on your phone or computer. If issues persist, contact our reception for assistance.

Is PATCHS approved by the NHS?

Yes, PATCHS meets NHS’ strict security and privacy standards.

How do I provide feedback on PATCHS?

You can give feedback directly through PATCHS. Ratings and comments help us improve the service.

How is my data used in PATCHS?

Your data is used responsibly and anonymously to improve PATCHS and for research purposes.

For more detailed information and additional queries, please visit the PATCHS Patient Support page here.