Important Changes to Making a Doctors Appointment

The team at Didsbury Medical Centre would like to thank you for your patience and for recognising the challenging times we have had to navigate over the past 12 months at the surgery and particularly since the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccination programme. We continue to work hard with our neighbouring GP practices to make the vaccination programme in South Manchester as successful as possible.

Didsbury Medical Centre has endeavoured to continue to provide routine and urgent care throughout the past 12 months of the pandemic to the best of our ability.

We recognise that Covid-19 has made the provision of routine health care particularly challenging and that some of our patients have understandably been hesitant to seek medical care during this time.

As we approach the end of the recent lockdown, we have been working hard towards developing a strategy to prioritise routine health care and chronic disease management along with urgent same day medical issues.

We continue to ask patients to book appointments via our website wherever possible. However, the forms on our website have changed slightly.

Urgent Doctors Appointments

This new form has been added to the website for urgent same day requests for a GP appointment. This form will be available between 07:00 -10:00 every working day to allow us to prioritise our appointments and do our best to manage patient requests for same day appointments. We do recognise that emergencies may occur outside of this time frame, in which case please contact reception via telephone for advice. Please also remember to utilise pharmacies, 111 service, and local walk in centres for urgent minor ailments.

Routine Doctors Appointments

Please continue to request routine doctor’s appointments via ‘Request a routine appointment’. We aim to respond to these forms within 2 working days.

Home Visit Requests

Please use the form ‘Request a Home Visit’ to request a doctor’s home visit before 10:00 wherever possible.

Below are some images to help you locate the new options and help guide you to the correct form (click to enlarge).