Daily call back service change update

“In response to comments on a text sent out regarding the introduction of a capping system at Barlow Medical Centre, we apologise, but we were unaware at the time that our text messaging system only accepted a limited number of characters per text. In view of people receiving what appeared to be half a text message, here is supplemental information.

For same day problems only, we operate a telephone call back system for those patients needing to speak to a member of the clinical team on the same day. For reasons of safe practice, our doctors can no longer take an unlimited number of calls, therefore we will only accept a specific number of calls per day. Please note that once the practice has reached this capacity, only a limited number of urgent calls will be accepted. This is not a fixed number, and will be reviewed daily taking into account the number of GPs available according to holidays and sickness, and any factors such as bank holidays. Please direct all enquiries of a routine nature to our website at www.barlowmed.com where you will be able to request repeat medicines, pose a question to the clinical, nursing or receptions teams, and find information on how to access self-referrals to some services and self-help groups.

I hope this clarifies the information we intended to distribute, and again, apologise for any confusion caused.”